Hi Atul,I had my listening test today (05/14/2017 – Sunday)
Time: 10:20 am
Location: Bangalore, INDIA
Category: General Training (at lest for LWR)
Speaking Part 1:
Initial Questions about name, How do you want me to call you (First or last name), Where you live (in Apartment or a house), What are the pros and cons of living in an apartment, Do you think sun is important and why is that? give example, Is your country investing in solar energy, how give examples.
Speaking Part 2:
Describe a crowded place you have been to.
you should say:
1) where it was?
2) Why you went there?
3) Why do you think it was crowded?
(i got 1 min to write down notes)
Speaking part 3:
1) In near future would you prefer buying a apartment or a house. (I opted for Apartment)
2) Why apartment?
3) What do you think about too many people staying in one crowded place.
4) Do you like being in crowded place – why – why not?
5) Do you think apartments should have rules and regulations?
6) Do you like sunny places or not so sunny places?
7) Do you think people should have personal time?
—— End of Speaking test—–
Speaking test was a breeze actually – I was suppose to have the test at 10:40 am but since I was at the venue earlier I was sent in ahead and finished it quick.
The interviewer was a Lady and she was very professional and kind. the last question about “Personal space”, I talked a bit about why everybody needs personal space and I took mother as an example (how she moves the family and gives everything selflessly) and suddenly out of nowhere I wished interviewer a Happy Mother’s day (Today being Mother’s day!) ???? – I hope the system takes that as a conversation!
—– Speaking test from people I met at the venue—
Cue Card:
person 1) Talk about Homework given to children
why do you think homework is given
why is homework necessary – why / why not?
what is your opinion
(this was the same question we got it for writing task 2 – date: 05/13/2017 – Saturday)
person 2)
cue card: What do you think about mobile / cell phones
pros and cons of cellphone
staying without cellphones
cell phones taking over the lives children
(topic was around cellphones and pros and cons of it)
(I got this question when i doing small talk with a fellow queue mate during the registration process on 05/13th)
—– LWR——05/13/2017—Saturday—–Bangalore, INDIA——
Category: General Training
Task 1:
You recently moved to new apartment, Write a letter to your friend. in your letter,
1) Describe why you moved there
2) describe your new apartment
3) invite your friend to your apartment
(150 words – I wrote around 214)
Task 2)
A group of people think that giving homework to students every day is wrong. others believe that doing extra study will helpful for people of all ages. Discuss both and give your opinion. (250 words – I wrote around 322 words)
(I don’t remember much but below are the questions)
1) Summer Job for students in Cupertino school. Job is about swimming instructor
— this was fill in the blanks.
2) Camp site DMV New Zealand, how far the campsite is from town, types of campsite, which month it will be opened, advanced reservation, – this was a true false question.
3) — i quite dont remember —
4) this is a big big passage its about ANTS – the passage is bifurcated into sections like ants introduction and overview, Worker ants, soldier ants, queen ant, effects on ecology.
– questions are fill the blanks and are specific to each sections. (easy once you know which section the question belongs to!)
1) Graphical illustration of a map for a bike ride:
Point A was Elsdam station and the last point was (a railway station but don’t remember the name)
– this graph as 2 stations – Point A and Point B, where the cycle track is (tracks for bicycle, train and road is marked on the top right hand side) – the bike do go on the road and the route to station B does cross the railway bridge under pass, then there is a bridge to a river after that there is a forest I know the answer is “I” cos it says south of the bridge or something (make sure you see the north south east west compass on the top right middle) (English accent)
(wish i could draw the map! )
2) About the pigeons (pretty straight forward it has the names of the pigeons that you have to match up – basically its a conversation about 2 school kids doing project on pigeons).
a) it has match the following with different pigeons (a,b,c,d,e) and rest of the questions are objective type – have to circle the right answer out of 3 answers. (Australian accent)
3) A lady calling the cinema to book tickets for – 20 people, out of 20 – 3 are adults and their price after discount is 23 pounds, rest 17 are kids and price for them after discount is 13.25 pounds, and the lady had few restrictions like there are few kids in wheel chair and they need to be near “Lift” and they didn’t wanted middle row but the “last row” – something like that! (fairly easy conversation) – (English accent).
4) – just quite don’t remember (i have such a forgetful memory! sheesh!)
This is my second attempt at IELTS, but first for GT. previous score was – L-8, R-6.5, W-6.5, S-8 for Academic test (my hand writing sucks btw). My expectations this time is around 8 in all 4 (considering i really worked hard on my handwriting this time and reading, writing in GT (I heard) its lenient compared to Academic test (hope its true) )
Atul hope this questions posted above helps future IELTS test takers (Good Luck to all of them). Thank you and God Bless.


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