Name – mandeepL/R/W on 25-03-2017 general
Venue – Ludhiana (Punjab). India
Section 1-call to human resource department of company
Section 2- coach service and 5 map questions
Section 3 – two students and tutor multiple choice and fill in blanks questions
Section 4- about animals live in caves one word only blanks
Section 1 – matching headings about new license
Section 2- true false about phone calls price schemes
Section3- fill in blanks about policies of a company such as compensations or work leaves
Section 4- really tough one including yes/no / not given and match the statements it was about aquaculture in Australia
Task 1 – your friend is agreed to live at ur flat while you will be on holiday write him :
-give details about flat
-give him instructions
– tell him who to see if any problems
Task2- government is spending too much to on projects to protect wild life where as people beleive that they should spend on other things.
Do u agree or disagree ?


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