SPEAKING TEST (08/12/2016, CHENNAI)Hi Atul,
Thanks for your website. Very kind of you. My speaking test today got over, day after tomorrow is my L/R/W test.
Part1 :-
what’s your name?
can i see your passport?
where are you from?
do you work or do you study?
what subjects do you have?
why did you choose that subject?
from when you got interest to study?
what you are going to do in future regarding studies?
what colour do you like?
which colour you dislike?
Is the same colour you dislike during your childhood days?
Part2 :-
Describe a situation you have forgot to go or visit (Example – Visiting Hospital, Any events) ?
what type of situation?
when this situation happened?
what consequences do you face that time?
how you handled?
Have you ever shared this experience with anyone?
what problems will come if you forgot anything important to do?
will these problems be the same, forgetting something in office and with friends?
how will you make understand your friend regarding this issue?
Do you think family tradition is important? why?
how old tradition is different from new tradition?
do you think any technology influenced old tradition?
Hope this helps!
All the best to everyone..


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