I took the Academic test on 6.9.16 (S) and on 10.9.16 (L/R/W) in India.Following were the questions asked in Speaking Test:
1. What is your name?
2. Do you work or study?
3. Would you like to change your job in future?
4. Do you live with your family?
5. What activities do you perform with your family?
6. Who is the closest person to you in your family?
7. Is spending time with your family important in your culture?
8. What colours do you like?
9. Why do you like these colours?
10. Are these the same colours that you used to like before?
11. What colours would you avoid if you have to decorate your room?
12. What colours are popular amongst younger people these days?
Section-II (Cue Card):
Describe a car/bike/bicycle trip you would like to go on and why?
Also mention:
a. Where you would go?
b. Whom will you take along?
c. Whether it will be a difficult trip?
d. What will you gain from this trip?
1. Why there are so many cars these days on roads?
2. What are the most popular modes of public transport in your area?
3. How can the problem of traffic be solved?
4. How are vehicles different in urban areas and in countryside?
5. Do you consider pollution as a huge environmental threat?
6. Do you believe that city planners fail to consider pedestrians while planning roads?
7. Which is the most commonly used mode of transport in your country?
8. Are bicycles a better mode of transportation?


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