Hi Atul, Im Anu from India. I had IELTS Academic recently. Your blog and videos were helped me a lot to prepare myself. well, I don’t remember much,still tried to write here.Writing:
Task 1: 2 plans of an Apartment in 2 different periods. Its all about comparing and contrast between plans with urbanization.
Task 2: Government should provide loans for postgraduates in scientific fields. It is not necessary to provide for non scientific fields. To what extent do you agree or disagree.
Speaking: Part 1: Where are you from?
Do you have better facilities of transportation near your home?
Do you like to listening to music? y/y not
Which singer you like most? y/ y not
Part 2: Tell me about a time or situation when you heard good news.
What is the good news?
who told you?
How much you enjoyed when you heard?
Part 3: About Noise and music
DO you like noise or music? y/y not
which type of noise you dislike? y/y not
Do you work or read comfortably in a noisy place?
About media and music
How do you think media is helpful when publishing some news like good or bad.
do you think media is a good way to inform people about some news.
What are all the news that can convey through media to people. do they follow or not.
What you think people will accept the information from media or not.
And Listening was quite tricky with lots of multiple choice questions, Reading passage 1 was about Wheels,2 about newspapers, 3 about a person’s boigraphy(sry,i dnt remember exactly)
These are all questions I got for my Academic IELTS.
and My friend also attended but on next week. She got following questions.
Speaking: Part 1: Tell me about your House or Apartment.
Which is your fav place in your home
Is it comfortable to stay in your home at weekends or not.
Part 2: Explain a place with lot of water
which is that place
with whom you went
how much you enjoyed
extra: Did your friends enjoyed playing in that place.
Part 3: About Water and CommerciaAtulation.
Do you think Water parks are becoming famous these days?
Why people are attracting by these types of places?
Do they really enjoy these types of water parks?
About Water and Technology.
Do the Technology having impact on water sources
Do you think, combination of water and technology gives good result.
What is your opinion about improving or upgrading technology in water resources field.
Writing: Task 1: About a layout plan which is need to be developed within 2 years.


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