Today, we're incredibly excited to announce a new feature called IELTSLucy - your 24/7 personal IELTS coach.



From suggesting tutorials, to giving tips on all IELTS modules, IELTSLucy prepares you for the IELTS exam — minus the awkwardness and anxiety.

Learning English is not only daunting: it’s also inaccessible to most non-native learners. English tutors are expensive and face to face classrooms are out of question for busy professionals and students.

Furthering our mission of making IELTS preparation accessible to all, IELTSLucy is here to help you 24/7. We like to think of IELTSLucy as your virtual IELTS tutor - She'll never judge you, she's available on demand and her level of conversation will be tailored to your language proficiency.

So give IELTSLucy a try and let us know how you would like her to help you more.


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