NOTE: This topic is for IELTS General Training test ONLY. If you are taking the IELTS Academic Training test then skip this post.


Writing task 1 is the first section of the IELTS General Training Writing test. You should spend about 20 minutes on it. In IELTS General Writing task 1 you receive a “scenario” for which you have to write a letter. The letter should be at least 150 words long.


Types of letters for IELTS General Writing Task 1

Not many people know that there are 8 different types of letters in the IELTS test:

  • letters of introduction
  • letters giving advice
  • letters giving information
  • letters making recommendations
  • letters of complaint
  • thank-you letters
  • letters of praise
  • letters of apology


In today's IELTS playlist, you will learn how to write an IELTS General Writing Task 1 letter of introduction.

Click on the playlist below to start learning NOW!


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Best of luck.

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