Hi Atul,Firstly I wanted to thank you and appreciate your time and efforts you put behind this. Your lessons and tips has helped me a lot during my preparation.
So let me share the questions.
Type Of Test :- General
Date Of Test :- 07/10/2016(Speaking), 08/10/2016- (Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY)
Location :- United States
Part 1:
Do you work or study ?
Why you choose this job ?
Do you like to work in a team or alone ?
Does the fact that people has different backgrounds affect working in a team ?
Do you wear hats or caps ?
Did you like to wear hats when you were a child ?
Does people wear hats for some reason in your country ?
Why you think people wear hats ? for some reason or fashion ?
Part 2:- CUE CARD
A skill you learned as a child
1) What the skill is ?
2) Where did you learn from ?
3) How does that help you as a person now as an adult ?
Part 3:
Is practical skills important than academic skills ?
Should there be more emphasis on practical skills in future ?
Writing :
Task 1:-
You had an appointment with the bank and now you learned that you cannot make it for that. Write a letter to the manager
1) Give details about your appointment and dates
2) Explain the reason why you cannot make it
3) Ask for other dates
Task 2:
In many countries, people are not taking care of their elderly relatives but seeking help of professionals to look after them. Do you think this is a positive or a negative development ?


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Good luck to everyone preparing for the IELTS test.

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