Gave IELTS GT New Delhi on 21st May.Listening:
Section 1, hotel booking form fill up.
Section 2, related to cooking, the other part of section had a map, and you were asked to identify, where were some objects like, oven, refrigerator, etc were there.
Section 3, About honey bees, first part had a fill in the blank in form of flow diagram – how mites travel into honey bees hive and infects them. The second part had honey bee names and you were asked to pick among which options were matching their characteristics.
Sector 4, It was about how IT is being taught to faculty by students acting as mentor, its benefits, how mentors are chosen and how it helps both faculty and the student mentors.
Section 1: First part consisted of about 10 adverts from music, orchestra, choirs, restaurant food, etc. and some statements had to be matched with appropriate adverts.
The second part was a short not on how to avail sick leave in an office.
Section 2: First part was about an article stating take over of an energy company by another bigger energy company. You were asked to find out which para mentions the information given in the question. Second part was about a note, telling about how income tax and deductions.
Section 3: It was a passage on – Jon Bowermaster on Kayaking, it is available on internet on questia[dot]com. The last 3 questions were the T/F/NG.
Task 1: You were taking services from a removal company to move your stuff to you new house and noticed that some items were damaged, write to the manager of the company telling them what happened, when it happened and what would you like the company to do.
Task 2: Some parents think it is a good idea to give some money to their children, while other parents this this waste of money, discuss both these views and give your opinion.
Speaking (20th May)
Do you work/study.
What do you like about the work you do?
What is something you do not like to do after returning from work?
Do you think it is important to keep up to date with changing computer technologies, why?
Do you think there are any adverse effects of using computer.
Section 2:
1 min topic
Describe you favourite toy when you were a child, what it was, why did you like it, where did you get it from.
Section 3:
Follow up from above rubric,
Do you still have that toy?
Do you think it is a good idea for parents to buy too many toys these days?
Are there any educational benefits of toys.


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