Dearest Atul! I had my test on the 6th of May today , Academic module!
I feel quite paranoid about disclosing testing location since I fear it might bar my results LOL!
Reading :
Stagecoaches in Australia
Black Ferret near extinction and re-emergence
Mirrors and Psychology
Surprisingly, after the test on googling these topics and the IELTS I noticed they appeared in Cambodia in August 2016.
Listening :
Had mainly Ozzy (mate mate mate) voices with 1 American. I think I daydreamed and missed 2-3 questions but that’s alright!
Writing :
Task 1 : Line graph of % expenditure of a country’s GDP in the health, education and retirement pensions sectors between 2001 and 2051
Task 2 – Children and iPads and how parents believe it is helpful for them technologically. Discuss advantages and disadvantages
Speaking would be later in the day!


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