Hi AtulTook my IELTS Advanced in Sweden today and thanks to your website it went pretty good I think. I saw that a lot of people struggled and taking to a few different people after the test, it seems that a lot did not know that they had to write different paragraphs in the ‘writing’ part and also people didn’t have time to answer the ‘reading’ questions because they didn’t know about the scanning method. So I avoided those mistakes thanks to you! ????
Here are the questions in the Written part:
Task 1: Was two diagrams that showed an overview of a city centre. One from how it was before and one of a proposal of how it was going to be updated. Then we has to explain the diagrams and organize the information we saw.
Task 2: Some countries have introduced a new law deciding how many hours employers can ask their employees to work. Why do you think they implemented this law? And do you think it is a positive or negative decision?
And in the ‘Speaking’ part I got so many questions:
1. Do you live in a house or apartment?
2. Do you like where you live?
3. What type of home would you ideally want to live in?
4. Do you like sunshine?
5. What do you like to do when it’s sunshine?
6. Would you like to live in a place with more sunshine?
7. Do you like fruit and what types or fruit do you like?
8. Have you tried cooking with fruit?
9. Did you enjoy fruit when you were little?
Then the task on the paper I was asked to speak for 1-2 minutes about an English lecture that I thought was especially inspiring, why it was inspiring to me, how the lecture was and what the teacher did.
After I spoke about that then the follow up questions were:
1. What qualities does an English teacher need to have?
2. What languages does kids learn in school?
3. What is an important part of learning foreign languages?
4. Will languages like Chinese be a bigger part of education in the future and why?
5. Would you like to be a language teacher?
And then it was done.
Personally I found the ‘Listening’ and ‘Reading’ part the most easy because you get all the information you need and only need to find it. Writing and speaking was more stressful and in my opinion are the two most important parts to prepare for.
Thanks for your great website, Atul! It was the only preparation that I did for the IELTS test. English was always my favorite subject in school so I’m very exited to find out my score! ???? Have to get 6 for my University but I’m hoping for an 7 or 8 for personal motivation.


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