Hi Atul!I took my speaking exam last Thursday, June 02, 2016. Part 1 was about home and flowers-same questions you have on your sample questions here. For Part 2, the question was:”What is the importance of keeping fit and healthy”-not the exact phrase,though,I can’t remember the whole sentence. The questions which followed were: what do you do to keep fit and healthy, who do you do it with,why is it important to be fit and healthy. 3 more follow questions were asked about the topic. For Part 3, the questions evolved around people’s health, should people be informed about being fit and healthy and how.
For the Reading part, the 1st selection was about the invention of bar codes. 2nd selection was about hydrothermal minings and the 3rd was about effective method of cooking without the use of biomass energy. It highlighted different methods used to replace use of this energy.
For Writing Task 1, it was about 2 charts, a table and 2 pie charts, depicting number of local and international student researchers in Australia in 2001 and 2010. For Task 2 it was: “Everyone in the world wants to have a car, a TV and a fridge. Do the disadvantages of these developments in society outweigh the advantages?”
Atul, for Task 2, I wrote down my opinion in the introduction. And for the 3 paragraphs, I stated the advantages of the 3 developments mentioned and the fourth paragraph, the disadvantage then conclusion. Is it right?
Thank you very much for your future response.


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