IELTS ACADEMIC TEST – 18/02/2017Listening part was pretty tricky. Most of the listening practices that I did had almost straight forward questions and I expected the same for the test, but surprisingly it was just a notch higher. You had to really concentrate well, and read the questions thoroughly, when the time was given.
Reading was surprisingly pretty good. It was better than all the practice tests I did. I managed my time perfectly, and I had 15 minutes in my hand towards the end to re-check my answers.
Writing Task – 1 – “The following graph shows the number of books bought from different sources, i.e., Bookstores, Supermarkets, and Internet, from the year 2005 projecting to 2020″
The question was pretty easy, and i did it well.
Writing Task -2 – ” A lot of buildings (offices, schools, etc.) are now being built with an open – plan design( no walls separating rooms). Why is this happening? Due you think this is a positive or negative development?
Dear Atul, as far as I have read from your account, this one asks for my opinion. And in my opinion, I thought this was a negative development. So i wrote an introduction, and in the first paragraph, I explained WHAT MIGHT be the reason behind such a new design, and why certain critics would think this is a positive development. In the next two paragraphs, i provided my reasons as to why I feel this is a negative development, along with a short example and a mention on a study conducted on students. And a short conclusion. Would this be sufficient?
The speaking, I felt, was the only part I’M not really happy. I had prepared well, and I feel like I have not performed well. That saddens me because i did Practice a lot. Anyways, the questions were-
First Section – To talk about what I do currently, things that i take around with me, if I have ever forgotten to take anything, and how to make sure we have taken all our belongings before leaving a place.
Second Section(CUE CARD)- Something that I would like to do in my life that is not related to my work or studies.
Third Section – Why do people plan? Is it easy to follow a plan thats made? or to follow a routine. AND some questions regarding the answers i gave. PLUS HE ASKED ME HOW CAN A GOVERNMENT MAKE SURE ITS PLANS ARE IMPLEMENTED SUCCESSFULLY? I did read in one of your posts, Atul, to be updated on current news. I think its true. Because just a bit of current issues might be mentioned, plus knowledge about the government and its policies, of any country wold be of great help to you.
Thank You so much Atul. Your posts helped me a lot. I cant thank you enough. Hopefully I will get a good score. I will be sure to update you.
Daisy xoxox


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