Hi Atul Gave my Ielts yesterday i.e. 8th April 2017 from Melbourne.
Writing Task 1: Write a letter to a colleague who is coming from another country to attend a meeting at your office. Write about
1) the pick up arrangements you have made
2) the accomodation arrangements
3)other arrangement for the meeting
Writing Task 2: Some people think its better to raise children in cities while others think that countryside upbringing is better. describe both sides and give your opinion?
Talk about a store that was recently opened in your town/city
> what can you buy from there
> who goes there
> what do you think will will it be successful
> do you know someone from that store
Do you have more small shops or supermarkets in your town?
What do you think about people who spend a lot of time in shopping centres buying things?
How does this type of consumerism affect the market?
How does this consumerism affect our society?
Hope this helps. Good luck to everyone!!!
Onec again many thanks Atul for this extremely useful website!!!


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