Hi Atuli had my speaking test last day
1.what you do work or study
2.what you do in your free time after hard work
i answer that in some detail like started with in my leisure time is that correct replacement for free time ?
3.do you used to play video games when you was younger
4.followup was why you dont play much than before
que card topic
what job you like to do?
which type of people can have this job
is this highly paid and why ?
and last something like that what you think its good for career ?
analytical section
what type of job in your country are highly paid
some jobs are highly paid other are not
why people want to accumulate wealth and still not happy
is saving money good habit
i elaborate this answer last that some people when they are happy they want to spend more money but save part from their expenses to use it in future for hard times .
most of statements i said i dont agree with this like one was
do you think in job salary matters alot only in choosing job ?
i said no salary is so important for someone who wants to excel in his carrer so he will do hardwork by that dedication he could make bright career so then he will be get paid so in choosing job professionals always concern bout career prospective .
Kindly analyse my answers if i was right or wrong in explaining some answers
My other parts are on saturday any useful tips .Thanks


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