Hi Atul,Taken my test today on 6th May,2017 in India.(A)
Reading .
1. Fist passage talking about magnetic therapy treatment
2. Second topic relates to star employees and talent and why companies should hire talented people.
3. how we can reduce in-house emissions replacing biomass with kerosene oil and LPG and improved stoves.An example of Kenya was given.
writing task 1 the line graph shows proportion of GDP spending on health, education and retirement pensions from 2001 to 2021.
writing task 2
Now a days parents allow to use computers and tablets(ipads) to their children for technology skills. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages.
Give your views with exemples.
Listening .
lady calling office to know about events coming next week.
2. two students taling about project with professor.
3. talk about recreation near river and facilities.
4 . As usual lecture by lady on use of space in offices like during 20th century and during 1960 like that.
Speaking. name and where you hail from.
do you play musical instruments?
do you work or study?
what you do when you come home from office?
cue card . when you are not allowed to use your cell phone?
follow up questions
how young and old people use mobiles.
can we take photographs with mobile phones.
In what situations mobile phones are most useful.
disadvantage of mobile phones . give some example.
writing task1 and 2 were same as in Australia today.Reading also same.
I am thankful to your website to improve me a lot.
Kala Sharma


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  1. mugga 7 years ago

    listening as well as reading was tough.

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