Hello all! Im Fazil. Had my test on 13.5.17.(Academic)Place: Chennai(India)
Part 1
1.What are the indoor games you played in childhood?
2.What do you play now?
3.Which indoor game you want to learn now and why?
4.Nowadays youngsters are spending more time in computer games, Is it good?Why?
Part 2.
Describe about a activity you did for the first time
Part 3
1.Why do people take risks?
2.How would the life be without people taking risks?Why?
3.Why some people take risks which will injure or end up in accidents?
4.How could goverment play a role in controlling them?
Was pretty good.
Section 1:Ticket booking
Section 2:About a park(map and multiple choice questions)
Section 3:Two students talking about a research they did on birds(this was fast and a bit difficult)
Section 4:A man explaining about the involvement of men and women in work places.
Reading was about museums,specific type of bird,different methods to navigate.
Task 1:Three pictures of a place(maps) and how it has changed in specific years
Task 2: Experts feel that the citizens feel happy when additional economy wealth is added to a country that has good economy.To what extent do you agree?


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