Hi Atul ,First I would like to thank you for your effort in this useful website . I bought your advanced writing lessons and they were perfect and helped me so much.
I had my exam today : 19 November 2016
Location : Australia
Speaking :
Part 1
Where do you live ?
Describe your house?
What do you see from the windows?
Your favourite celebrity in your country ?
Do you follow celebrities’ news?
Do you want to be a celebrity ? Why?
Do you like holidays?
What is the enough time for a holiday?
Remember a good holiday you had?
Part 2
A happy event that you were expecting and how did you prepare for it
What is the event ?
Who shared you preparation?
Were you successful in these preparations?
Part 3
Are you a type of person that prepare early before anything?
How we prepare kids to have a better future?
What sort of things you need to prepare before?
Why we should prepare before the things?
How students prepare before exams?
Some people say that early preparation make life loses its fun , what do you think ?
Writing test:
Task 1 : two maps of a town in two different years.
Task 2: some people say that printed paper newspaper is no longer needed. Do you agree or disagree?


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