Hi Atul,Thanks a lot for your all effort to guide us.
Sharing the details of speaking Test held in India.
23rd March
India (Pune)
1. Your good name please?
2. Where are you from?
3. Do you Study or Work?
4. Are you ever did the late night work?
5. Do you wear watches?
6. Did your parents allow you to wear watch at childhood? why or why not?
7. Why people buys expensive watches?
8. Do everyone buy expensive watches? If so why or why not?
9. Do you like swimming and why?
10. what are the benefits by learn the swimming?
11. Can children make swimming as career option?
Describe the beach where people come and spend their time.
Where and what is that beach.
What’s special of that beach
Why people come and spend their time.
1. Does children allow to learn swimming?
2. Is parent or experience instructor teach them?
3. why government are not focusing to other games rather than some specific games?
4. Is there any change we can see the way government treat the swimming as now and before?
5. Do you think some age group should be subsidize to entry in common learning zone like swimming etc.? If so why or why not.


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