Test date: Sept. 24, 2016Location: Singapore
Module: Speaking
Category: GT
Part 1
What is your full name?
Do you work or study?
Why do you choose your job?
When & where did your see advertisement in your country?
How did internet and tv adveritisement affects your decision?
How about gifts in your country, when and why did you give gifts?
Part 2
Describe a mistake you’ve experinced that affects your life.
How this affects you as a person
Part 3
What is the different of an adult mistake compare to a child mistake?
Do you prefer work in a team or work alone and why?
Does your decision making affect your team and why?
So, do you think there is a need to inform your team about your mistake?
Part 1
write to a friend that you accept her request the his/her child will stay at your house during the weekend
1. how do you arrange the arrival and departure
2. activities you plan for the weekend
Part 2
Nowadays advance technologies affects our daily life, does mobile phones and computers with automatic language translator give us more advantage or disadvantage.


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