Test: MalaysiaDate: 11/12/2016
Module: Academic
Speaking: Part 1
1. Are you working or studying?
2. Tell me about your job.
3. Why did you choose the job?
4. What do you plan to do in future?
5. Do you like chocolates?
6. How often do you eat chocolates when you were a child?
7. Do you like to give chocolate as a gift?
8. Why do people around the world like to eat chocolates?
9. Do you like to take photographs?
10. Was there a lot of photograph taken during your childhood?
11. Do you prefer to keep photograph or video?
Part 2
1. Tell me about a sports facilities in your area(eg. stadium, swimming pool)
2. Talk about what type of facilities it is.
3. Who usually goes there?
4. What people do there.
5. What are the other facilities available in the swimming pool?
6. Do you think there should be more sports facilities build in your area?
Part 3- cant really remember exactly the questions
1. About international sports like Olympics…. why is it good
2. Friendship and rivalry in sports… comment on it
3. Is competition good?
4. Competition in the past and future.
I notice that I was given ample time to speak in Part 1 and Part 2 but in Part 3 the examiner seems to be rushing. Only able to speak a sentence or two before she interrupts and move on to the next questions for Part 3. Could it be due to time constraint? Or something else… I am a bit worried though….


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