Center: HyderabadTest type: academic
Date: 12/01/016
Writing Task1 : Process to make Glass from recycle bottles. 3 stages given, First, Collecting bottles from customers, second crushing bottles, Making it liquid , Third stage Packing and send back to super markets.
Writing Task2: Some people think Governments should take measures on Healthy Life style of Individuals , Few others think It must be managed by each Individual resposnisibilty ( similar paraphrasing ,forgot complete sentence), Discuss both sides and give your opnioin.
Passage 1: Supermarkets innovation
Passage 2: Waste water filter by planting few kinds of trees , keeping in the rural areas . Down flow, Horizontal methods etc. Little tough with questions though passage looks simple.
Passsage 3: Video games playing effects on teenagers and expermintes by parents etc.
Listening: I didn’t remember most of the questions. I really did very well with this part. All the traps I am able to clear.
Listening Section 3: Positions of different tress in House design.
Part 1:
name, id
Colors Topic:
What colors do you like?
what colors are not likely to be put in the bedroom?
During child hood do you like any colors?
I forgot other ones.
Part 2:
Tallest Building which you recently saw
What kind of building it is?
What you like about it?
What you don’t like in the building?.
Few questions Topic 2:
what are the disadvantages living in tall buildings?.
Do you like Your own interior design for your house?
One more question Do you prefer to hand writing or type?.
When do you use Handwriting?.
Overall, I did Listening well. Reading I lost my concentration after finishing first passage, got nervous because I spent 25 mins with it, later not really done well with passage 2 and 3.May be around 20 qs will get right. Writing is fine. Though I am not really good with the pharaprasing But managed it. Speaking Managed OK. Overall I may Land in 6 to 6.5 Band.


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