Hi everyone,I have finished my L-R-W tests today, and here I will give you a brief idea on what I have had in the papers.
First of all, as you know it is not allowed to bring a piece paper outside the hall, I will be able to give you an idea about what I remember only. So, of course, there will much more. Moreover, I have trained myself to forget about one part so that I could move to other without feeling any regret about any noticeable mistake. Which I would suggest you all to develop, as well. It gives me space to concentrate on what I must do at that very moment.
(Australian Accent, two speakers, a lady with an agent over phone)
Was an easy section, however, with a lot of unuseful information and self-corrections. The part became tricky even towards its end.
For instance,
She was asked about the age of her child. Now, she replied “my child is two years old. In fact, he will be three next weekend.”
Now the question was: Age of the child …………(Approx) years.
Quite tricky one, is not it? I did write 3 in the answer.
Here questions involved, fill in the blanks and sentence completion.
This section had few more questions from different speaker giving a description about an art gallery in London:
(Accent: British, typical Londoner accent, if you know it ???? )
This section included some grammar traps, sentence completion, fill in the blanks, choose from the list of answers-type, and a picture map with 4 empty spaces to complete.
Example of a tricky one:
Speaker says, ” this picture of Queen Elizabeth was one of the best pieces ever made. Queen herself owned it for 20 years before gifting it to the exhibition.”
Now, the question was to choose from the list. and there were no answers matching with the picture of the Queen except one saying: Government of UK owned it for decades. I chose this one and my argument was Queen herself is government, not a general person. So, I believe it could be right.. ???? As you can see, questions can be very interesting sometimes, but interests will eat your time up ????
(Two international students, probably Greg from Italy and Irina from Mexico – at least the accents was like that – was talking about their past project and future plans)
Question types included multiple choice, and choose from the list of answers to fill the gap. Most of the section was about choosing from the multiple choice given and believe me, the options were too long to read.
I prefer not to read the options right then; rather mark the question and according to the question I keep on writing on the question paper. Later during the 10 minutes break, I match with what I have written and the list given. You may try this if it works for you. But I have trained myself such way. I feel that I have maximum 1 wrong in that section, not more than that.
SECTION 3: (A typical American lecturer was giving a talk on making clothes from animal skin)
Questions involved: fill in the blanks only. However, there were a lot of traps. Such as articles (a, an, the) was given sometimes. Many of the answers were supposed to be PLURAL to be correct in the grammatical contexts. Also, the grammar made it a little more tricky when there were propositions before the blanks.
Furthermore, the speed of that speaker was like a monorail ???? He was telling thousands of things which did not even were close to answers. Therefore, I started panicking because I felt I am lost in the middle of the section. I could not follow him anymore until I saw he came back and giving answers again. This happened almost 3 times within section 3. Now you can imagine, IELTS is a test of nerves, not English only. :/
Here, I guess, I have made 2 mistakes because I just guessed them without careful listening.
So, altogether you may say, I would get around 36 points if I have not done any spelling mistakes (which I checked a couple of times)
Reading (GENERAL)
I had to go through 6 passages. All five were simple onces with gradually increasing difficulty levels. However, the third one was about HEADLINE selection. The gave 12 headlines and there were only 6 paragraphs. :'( This has been always tough for me. Well, the topic was also quite awkward. It was about the invention of the compass. So, they started with all history, geography and development and sea and nature and what not…I got lost in it. I was literally sweating while it was 14 degree inside the room. ???? Well, after wasting a bit time, I started again, and eventually, I finished.
This was followed by 4 T F NG questions, which is quite common. and from my practice, I have seen, those are usually from one big paragraph or maximum two of them. (I could be wrong)
But today, I found the answers from two consecutive paragraphs. However, I am not very confident that the answers I gave were right because I ran out of time for last two questions and I simply had to guess from my overall understanding of the whole passage.
I was answering the questions from passage 4. Meanwhile, I could not answer one question and moved on making a mark on the question paper.
What happened was, after answering another 5 questions, I realised, I did not give any gap for the question I left and I kept writing my answers in sequence :O. Therefore, even though my answers were right, I was actually writing them against a wrong NUMBER in the answer sheet. Did you get that? I hope so.
SO, I had to erase all of them and write the answers once again one step below for each. :/
Not sure how many of you would do such thing, but please look at the question number and number on the answer sheet everytime you write the answer. ????
well, I was happy with this one:
1. Letter:
You friend planned to visit you next month; unforunately, this is not possible. Please write a letter back to your friend with:
– apology
-reasons for unavailability
-arrange alternatives
2. Essay:
Some people think that for students makes a school effective if they are given position in making deicision on how it should run.
DO you agree or disagree
give your reasons with ligical examples.
I hope this will help one of you.
Thanks Atul for everything. ????


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