Type: AcademicDate: March 25
Location: Hong Kong
Writing Task 2:
Do you agree that increasing the fuel price is the best way to solve the world’s biggest environmental problems today? What are other possible solutions? (something like that)
Speaking (only questions that I remember):
Part 1:
What do you do after school?
Do you play any music instrument?
Do you think it’s hard to learn music instruments?
Would you like to own a robot?
Do you enjoy movies that have robots in it?
Part 2:
Tell me an experience when you received good customer service (when, where, who offered the service, what is the service, how did you feel)
Part 3:
What types of jobs require customer service? (sth like that)
Is good customer service important to you?
What would customers do if they receive poor customer service?
How do companies respond to complaints about customer service?
So do you think their response is encouraging more complaints?
Why do customers want to be valued?
*At the beginning of part 3 I forgot to ‘switch mode’ and give longer answers lol, so maybe there are more questions you see here. Also I feel like the examiner tended to ask questions based on my previous answers?? So I’m glad I was being honest and expressed what really came to my mind, then when there were follow-up questions I could naturally give a good explanation and example from my experience!


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