Hi,I just got home from the Listening, Reading and Writing part of the exam.
Date: 25 May 2017
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Writing task 1 consisted of two pie charts that illustrated why students of different age groups (18-24 and 25 and over) chose Derriford University.
(I started writing my essay first so I’ve only had 15 minutes left at the end to write this one haha I vaguely remember what I wrote I guess due to an adrenaline rush)
Writing task 2 said: In some societies more fathers stay at home and look after their children while the mothers go out and work. Why do you this happens? Is this a positive or a negative development?
(I actually looked up this topic after my exam and I was surprised because it’s the same essay topic from about a month ago)
As fot my Speaking:
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Time and Date: 2:40 pm; 24 May 2017
In part 1 I was asked general questions I don’t quite remember, I was also asked about advertisement, my daily routine (I’ve actually seen the questions from part 1 posted by other people who have commented, i couldn’t copy them though)
Part 2 was Describe an event when you saw a lot of people smiling.
Part 3 was related to emotions and smiling: Why do people smile? When do poeple smile? Why do people smile in photos? do men smile more than women? difference between a fake smile and a genuine one?
Hope it helps to whomever is preparing to take their exams ????


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