I am sharing my speaking experience. Speaking test happened on the same day.UKVI Abu Dhabi 17.12.2016
Discussion between two students about choosing source for some product collection like cloth
Local library
This is all that I can recall for speaking.
2. Reading
About invention of refrigeration .
It was about invenstion and it ealier use.Further, period in which it was first used by USA and it growth by years in term of users. Periods for use for food products and methods of moving by ROAD and Railroad . Finally, effact of refrigeration food.
Linguistics . As I can remember it was all about pronunciation of English language. Some word that are difficult to pronounce than other words.
Very sorry I failed to recall third passage.
Writing task one
The Bar chart below gives information about children participants for sports activities after school hours for certain school in Australia in 2010.
Summarise the information by reporting main feature and make comparison where relevant.
( Sentence structure may very but overall them was same.)
Activities: swimming, football, basketball and no activity ( one activity I forget or may be two)
Writing task 2
Differences between countries are becoming less nowadays. Now people from the world doing similar in fashion, films, darama, and TV channels.
Do you this disadvantages overweight the advantages?
This eassy completely disagree with the statement for several reasons.
Why I disagreed number of advantages were more in my instant click when I thought about statement. And I covered only adnavtages.
Atul would you please share your comments about my task response. Did I coverd well?
When I was preparing for exam It worried much for speaking. It is surprising that I find it easiest among all other parts and I wounder it was due to examiner he was very professional and friendly. I felt like session ended before the time but I know examiner was writing time with intervals It must be about 13minutes. What I realised examiner know about candidates and they want them to be relax. You are gonna enjoy the session. I stucked with one question I found difficult to connect my idea and that time he actually was helping me with his body language and face impressions.
I couldn’t understand one thing would you please help me Atul?
While speaking examiner looked like he was in hurry. he never waited for me If I wanted to extend my answers. During test parts (one two three) as I remember when I finished my sentence, next without pause he started next question (what I mean by pause here is less the 2 second may be.) Remember I was last candidate we both (me and examiner) left center together.
Sorry for delay guys here comes speaking…
Sitting outside I was waiting for my turned as I was last candidate.
Examiner called my name and opened door for me he was very gentle with beautiful British accent about 40 plus years old.
He offered me to have a seat.
He introduced himself and asked me please tell me your full name please?
What do you do are you student or do you work?
Why did you choose this profession?
Do you prefer to work with people or alone?
Lets talk about songs
Pardon me.
(I realised he choose wrong topic)
Do you like flowers?
Do you like folwers in your home?
Do you remember when you last time bought flowers?
Did you ever grown flower plant?
Someone to whom you given flowers last time?
Do people give flowers in your culture? Occasion ?
Do you think it is important to give flowers to others?
Clue Card.
Describe something that you use for saving money?
Follow_up question. Only one he asked.
Do you think it is important to save money?
Part 3
what are the common things where people waste money in your country?
How can parents teach children’s to save money.
Should parents give money to their children’s for anything they ask for?
Why it is important for children’s to save money?
This is the end of speaking test thank you very much.
This is all I can recall. From Speaking part 3, I guess I forgot 2 questions and one for part 1.
Thank you Atul for helping us


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