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The Rolling Stones

Hundreds of fans lined up outside the El Rey Theatre across town earlier Saturday for a chance to attend the spontaneous Rolling Stones concert. Buyers were limited to one ticket, and they were required to pay with cash, show a government-issued ID, wear a wristband with their name on it and be photographed. Their names were verified at the venue, which has a capacity of about 700. Cameras and smartphones weren't allowed inside the Echoplex, which usually plays host to hipster bands and mash-up dance parties. The lack of personal recording devices made the Stones' performance feel even more exclusive and old school, freeing concertgoers' hands of the gizmos that have become commonplace at concerts nowadays, and further bonding the crowd, many of whom built up camaraderie during the confusing ticket lottery earlier in the day.

Toward the end of Saturday's show, the band was joined by former Stones guitarist Mick Taylor for their version of Robert Johnson's "Love in Vain," as well as "Midnight Rambler."

Multiple Choice

1) What item was not required in order to purchase the tickets?

  1. Cash
  2. Government issue idea
  3. A wrist band
  4. Backstage pass

2) How many tickets could each person purchase ?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

3) Who originally sang "Love in Vain" ?

  1. Rolling Stones
  2. Mick Taylor
  3. Robert Johnson
  4. Keith Richards

True, False, Not Given

4) Thousands of fans lined up outside the El Rey Theatre across town for a chance to attend the Rolling Stones concert.

5) The venue had a capacity for about 700 people.

6) Water bottles were not allowed inside the Echoplex

Multiple Choice:

1. d

2. a

3. c

True, False, Not Given:

4. False.

5. True

6. Not Given.

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