In this question type, you are given a reading passage text with several paragraphs. Your job is to choose the correct heading for some or all paragraphs from a list of headings.

Be aware that the correct answer does not mean the best answer.

Rather it is “the most appropriate” answer compared with the rest of the answers. In other words, sometimes may you feel that the correct answer does not exactly cover the main meaning of the paragraph, but then there isn't a better choice, so you have to choose it.

A variation of the "Match headings" question type is "Match Information". For example, you may be asked to look at 5-6 newspaper advertisements. You will be given a list of statements and have to match which advertisement mentions each of the statements.


Use this strategy to answer Match Heading questions

  1. First read the instructions carefully. Sometimes multiple paragraphs can have the same heading and sometimes they cannot. So make sure what it says.
  2. Read the first and last sentence of each paragraph and try to guess the heading for it by looking at the list of headings.
  3. If you can spot a heading that looks appropriate write its number in the margin next to the paragraph. If you can't guess the heading don't worry .. keep going through the rest of the paragraphs.
  4. If heading cannot be reused then cross-off the headings that you are sure of having matched to prevent reusing it.
  5. Once you have finished matching - check your answers carefully, because they can influence each other.
  6. Finally copy your answers to the answer sheet.


Here are some more tips and strategies on how to do well in "Match Headings" question type:

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