Most students are familiar with this question type. Again as always .. read the instructions carefully. You are given a bunch of questions with 4 answer choices.

There is ONLY ONE correct answer per question.

Use this strategy to answer Multiple Choice questions

  1. Start by reading the instructions carefully.
  2. Our aim is NOT to read the entire passage. Always read the questions before you start reading the passage.
  3. Next, scan each paragraph in the passage to look for keywords from the question that can give you a clue if the answer is located in that paragraph.
  4. If you spot the keyword, read the question one more time to understand exactly what it is asking for.
  5. Now read only the paragraph that you short listed in the step 3 to figure out the answer. As soon as you have some idea of what the answer might be look at the answer choices and mark the one that is closest to your answer.
  6. If you can't figure out the answer for a question in 2-3 minutes, move on. All questions have equal marks and some are easier than others so try to finish answering all the easier ones quickly so that you can come back to the difficult ones later.
  7. Finally copy your answers to the answer sheet.


The following playlist will walk you through the strategies and tips for solving multiple choice questions in IELTS reading test.

Click on the playlist below to start learning NOW!

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Best of luck.


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  1. kwok lai man 5 years ago

    the first one video can’t be open ;(

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