Which IELTS reading question types have answers classified in order and which do not?

This is a common question that most IELTS candidates ask me. Once you know that you will find the answers in order in the passage, it becomes very easy to look for them.

For the following IELTS reading question types, the answers are usually (almost always) in order in the passage:

  1. All types of gap-fill (sentences, summaries, diagrams etc.)
  2. True, false, not given
  3. Yes, no, not given
  4. Multiple choice
  5. Matching sentence endings
  6. 'Short answer' questions

However, answers to the following question types are never in order:

  1. Matching paragraph headings
  2. Which paragraph contains the information?
  3. Matching names with statements or information


Go over these general tips and strategies on how to do well in all IELTS Reading question types:

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Best of luck.


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