IELTS Writing Task 2 essay with model answer

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic

Some people think that government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree with this view?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:

It is believed that spending money on arts is not very useful and that it should be directed elsewhere. I completely disagree with this and feel that arts are worth every penny that is spent on them.

First of all, arts are considered a national interest. In some countries, arts have significant importance and government establishes and maintains organizations that preserve arts. For example, Canada, USA, UK, Australia have art museums all over the country that exhibit ancient arts. People who are interested can visit the museums free of cost. The cost of maintenance is undertaken by the government. Moreover, this increases the level of interest among the people. Thus, the government puts an inconsiderable amount of effort to preserve the arts in the form of museums, craft exhibitions, etcetera. 

Secondly, arts are considered to be a great form of entertainment by several people in the country. For instance, movies, exhibitions, crafts are derived from arts. Movies are considered very lucrative and there is a film industry for every language. Like, Hollywood is for English, Tollywood is for Telugu, Bollywood for Hindi. Exhibitions and crafts display several creations like paintings, clay buildings, paper arts, and glass paintings. 

Encouragement for arts from government improves the livelihood of thousands of people who base their career on arts. This proves beneficial both to people who work on arts and others who enjoy arts.

To conclude, since arts play an important role in the lives of people, it is very important for the government to make sure that arts are financed properly in a variety of forms like museums, exhibitions, documentary films, craft expos, and so on.


Total Words: 260

Task Achievement: 9

Coherence & Cohesion: 9

Lexical resources: 9

Grammar: 9

Overall Score: Band 9

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  1. Krupesh rabari 6 years ago

    It is very good idea and easy to understand for student.
    Thanks you…..

  2. Hossain Ehsani 6 years ago

    the writer disagree with the idea in introduction. in body paragraphs he/she tried to explain why should governments invests in arts. the writer even has a different conclusion from what he/she say he/she believes in the introduction.

  3. Ashish 6 years ago

    The writer is not disagreeing. He says that it’s believed that…… Means In society people think that spending money on Arts is not useful and so he disagrees with societies point of view.

  4. Rashid Baig 5 years ago

    Q# Some people think that government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be better spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree with this view.

    It is considered by few flocks that ministry is deteriorating wealth on art and culture , otherwise it can be utilized somewhere else effectively. I maintained that this point is valid but traditions and customs are immense essential for pristine nations. Therefore, the allocated budget should primarily take into this account only.

    To being with, it is responsibility of authorities to safeguard their values , customs , traditions , cultures and heritages. In order to continue this momentum swiftly , undoubtedly government spending’s are immensely vital without any holdings. Also , fine art, designing , painting , local theater , drama and singing. In this context all these activities are pivotal for youth to be acquainted and remember their civilizations. Additionally, all these fields open new opportunities to adolescents for their career and it maintains healthy competition among juveniles as well. For an instance , delinquent stunning actors/actress are in dream and film industries by the help of government institute such as art council where they learn and perform.

    Moreover , expense on art should elucidate logical and sensible relation with proper planning and procedure and also it must harmonize with latent desirable outcomes. Furthermore , efficient and effective deployment of resources is crucial , otherwise obstacles are exist to convolute supreme decision maker to cut down portion of amount and deploy on other places. In particular, human development budget in under developed countries is squeezing ostensibly every year, because it seems to ruling class it is not being consumed in true essence.

    All in all, I will carry my opinion which is very precise and defend to spend on arts due to alive culture and customs. Hence, it has significance to develop a stagnant , ludicrous and persuasive Socratic.

  5. Ifeanyi Lawson 5 years ago

    Art is an integral part of every nation and has been influencing our lives since time millennia in form of language, meals, dance, clothing and so much more. These aspects are very important for the advancement of a nation or country, which is why I partially disagree with the opinions that holds that Government fund investments should be channeled towards other things rather than Arts and, in this essay, I will highlight the reasons why I am partially against this line of thought.

    To begin with, Arts has tremendous amount of influence on how we perceive each other, which goes to say that the modeling of our identity is greatly affected by how much value the government places on Arts. Take for instance, Egyptian government has greatly invested in the preservation of the ancient Egypt archeological sites that today, this investment has not only boosted their economy but also, further strengthen their strengthened their identity as the pioneers of early technology, which would not have been possible without financial investment from the authority to the preservation of those sites.

    To discuss further, Arts is a universal language that everyone understands and can serve as major exports to other countries for diplomatic reasons. It is one avenue that bring all nations together through competitions. For example, in 2010, Iran, Afghanistan, United states of America were among 80 nations that game together in the spirit of the Olympics games despite their differences and disagreement. Furthermore, Arts is the only is only way we can preserve our identity as this is passed down through generates from the old ones to youngsters and the only way this can done effectively is through Arts.

    In conclusion, While I agree that Government investment are better channeled towards other things, it is equally important that the same attention and funds are put into the preservation and upkeep of the national treasure and identity through Arts.

  6. Sam 5 years ago

    plz give it a band score.

    In this era governing bodies are always in search of money generating resources where putting their money in art exhibitions is one among all. Some Pupil considers it a useless step while I completely disagree with them because showcasing artistic talent not only doubles money but, also encourages the artistic community to grow as well as provide the public an entertainment venue.

    To begin with, plowing money in artworks is quite a fruitful step towards enhancing travel and tourism industry of a country. Human nature has always appreciated and attracted to creative activities thus many people will come and enjoy their leisure time in such activities. For instance, nowadays, many developed countries are building eye-catching and unique infrastructures which appeal tourists to come and experience the wonders of human which results in increment in Grand domestic production value of a country.

    Furthermore, manipulating peoples mind is not that easy as it was before so such creative activities would be proved much efficient as a communication media. In this regard, take an example of public messages which can be reached to common man in so many creative ways like art exhibitions, creative commercials and utilizing eminent celebrities to convey strong messages.

    Apart from this, there are so many other advantages of funding art activities. In this way, artistic community will also be given a better platform to exhibit its talent over and above a better source of income which not only leads to wealthy artists but a prosperous government.

    To sum up all, budgeting money for artwork would not be a money sinking act rather a quite interesting way of business. In this competitive world, I believe creative ideas and works are the best resources towards an efficient and well-groomed nation.

  7. sukhdeep kaur 5 years ago

    Art word is not a simple word as design,context and meaning offers a comprehensive form . It is deemed by some individuals that money should be wasted on it and could be influx elsewhere by the government. I partly agree with the statement since developing interests, historical evidences and making career.
    To begin with ,I concerned about the plausible merits of art many individuals have interests as a hobby and developing talent as well as many of them earn profit. For instance salvator mundi by leonordo da vinci sold painting for $450.3 million to Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and tourism in the year 2017. Moreover,it provides historical archaeology and evidences to explorers as a sign of their lavish lifestyle as well as imagination. For example, pyramids of Egypt have an unique structure and it gives surprise to young generations about their creativity. Futhermore, It provides golden opportunities to make career in industries by animated films. So government should spend money on art.
    On the other side, Government should spend money in to give employment and other basic amenities to impoverished people because people who are unemployed, they do crimes like robbing, snatching to fulfill their needs. To illustrate this, I want to take researches of previous years I found that cyber crime, theft of golden jewellery has been increased . In addition to this, education is the main problem , people don’t have money to provide education because there is no proper system in government schools and demand for high fee in private ones. So children remain illiterate. To demonstrate I would like to take report of UNICEF,it state that children do work as a labour and they do not get proper education facilities .
    In a nutshell, art is important in our life but but government should have to spend money meticulously and raise poor people’s status to develop country’s economy by giving chances.

  8. Anonymous 5 years ago

    pls give it a band score

  9. IELTS Online Practice 5 years ago

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  10. Ayat 4 years ago

    You know what…. I would thank my God as he guided to this site…. thaaaaank you too

  11. IELTS Online Practice 4 years ago

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  12. DIKSHA 4 years ago

    The allocation of government resources has caused an intellectual debate. While some consider the health sector should be given prominence others argue that there exist other cardinal facets those are equally or even more important. In this essay, I intend to discuss both the perspective but I personally side the latter view as prioritizing education would fetch a productive human resource capable enough to undertake their health expenses themselves.
    Expenditure incurred in the health sector is considered to be the most profitable and enduring investment by some than a mere expense that any country can make. Because of the fact that some nations are devoid of advanced medical infrastructure every year, they lose a large share of their national income to other nations where patients are referred for further treatment of their ailments. To illustrate, Canada earns about 5% of its national income comes from international patients itself. Thus, the advancing medical sector proves productive to a nation in a broader aspect.
    On the other hand, illiteracy and unemployment are believed to have a more drastic impact on the economic condition of any country by many. It is cardinal to disburse financial resources for the development of infrastructure that aids the dissemination of knowledge as it not only helps the nation to produce productive labor force but also help masses to improve their living standard by the way of getting liberated from the shadows of joblessness. On top of that, when people start making money themselves it eradicates the need of government to take care of public health expenditure and the same can be put into other augmentations such as the development of adequate road and railway network to support timely transit of goods and mob as well as enhancement of internet connectivity to earn more national income. For example, since India adopted digitalization commercial revenue earned from all sectors has escalated tremendously.
    Considering both perspectives, it can be concluded that illiteracy enslaves people in the never-ending vicious cycle of poverty so the government should give prominence to education over the health sector.

  13. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Can u send your email address plz

  14. IELTS Online Practice 4 years ago

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  15. Aqsa 4 years ago

    It is argued commonly that Government’s financial support for art is merely wastage financial resources of a country and that money should be invested somewhere else instead. I completely disagree with this argument and I think art is a gateway to preserve a culture and heritage. In this essay I would be discussing why art should be financed by government to great extent.
    Firstly, art is a great way to express someone’s opinion or imagination regarding a perspective or issue. Artist often reflect society’s culture, heritage and traditions in their artistic works and projects. Hence, It will pass the legacy of a society to their coming generations. In addition art also educate us about our ancestors thoughts and mental approach. For example, from Moeen Jo Daro
    (oldest civilization of Sindh Pakistan) remains we can easily figure out that this civilization was fully civilized with most developed infrastructure of the city and dancing girl sculpture with humongous bangles in her arm point out that girls dance was a social norm in our ancestors. Hence, our government should definitely invest in art and facilitate this field and its works to keep our legacy alive for thousands of centuries to come.
    Secondly, art is source of immense entertainment for the people who admire it. Nowadays, almost everyone is involved in artistic work or buys art. For instance, peoples tend to buy movie tickets, paintings, sculpture, novels and etcetera, these all are great examples of art and source of entertainment from children to elderly people. Hence these reasons are very convincing why this great field should be financed by Government sectors.
    To conclude, in my opinion Government should invest in art field to keep a trace to our culture for upcoming generations.

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  17. Krishan singh 4 years ago

    Well tried mam

  18. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Good morning dear sir … Can you help me in speaking module please sir

  19. Ikram 4 years ago

    9 band??

  20. Anonymous 3 years ago

    Beautifully answered Baig g

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