Hi, Fist of all,A big thank you for all your help, even though I didn’t had much time to go through all of it, I find it really good and easy to follow especially the video lesson.
Just finish my academic test in UK,
Listening was hard as it didn’t had the stop for the sample answer, I am expecting that ,then realised that the recording was on the second question, managed to recall the first one but missed the third,never mind , counted more than 30 correct answers which is enough for 7 .But pointed out that to the test manager,she commented that she will check it.
Reading was considerably easy managed to finish in time
Writing Task 1 again complicated as two bar chart,one information about male other about female
Australian students in full time and part time education in 2006, by different age groups.
Find it hard to group them as to choose male or female , full time or part time , or the age groups( 15-20,21-30, 30+)difficult to identify key features, also the data given in percentage. Only similarity was male and female full time students was(40 and around 45) considerably high compared to all other.
Writing task 2 was ok
Anyone comitting a crime under the age of 18 need to be educated rather than giving punishment .
To what extent do you agree or disagree
I did agreed and
first para why need to be educated ,as it change their attitude towards crime, so reduce the number of criminals in future
Second para why punishment is not good, it develop more criminals as once they labeled as criminal it is difficult to change
Cue card
Talk about a holiday
With whom
What did you do
What is special about it
First part about work
What time you usually work
What you like about it
Is it changed
Third part about holidays , how it change according to weather.
How do you spend the evenings
How you used to sped the evening in your childhood
What is the relation between holiday and the effect on the environment
How the space holiday in future may affect the environment
Is it good to take many short holidays or a long holiday
I think that’s it!.
Hope that help someone who is preparing.


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