Date; 28/02/2017. Speaking Academic. duration 14min and few seconds.
I didn’t remember very well the questions but this is approximately what the test include.
part 1: contains many structures of questions (past (participate), present and future)
topic1: General questions: Hometown? do you like your city? do you live in a flat or in a house? describe your house? what do you see from your window?
topic2, let’s move on another topic; celebrities, what is your preferred celebrity in your country? Do you wanna be one of the celebrities in your country in the future? why?
topic3, celebration, what kind of party your country celebrate? are you interested in them? did you assist one of them before? and there are other questions.
part2; cue card
talk about a short work experience you want to do it in a city from other countries, you should talk about:
where is situated this city?
why you choose this city?
why do you want to go there?
explain what do you wanna change there.
part3: talk about work abroad
why many people don’t want to work abroad?
what will be the skills that you will develop if you go abroad to work for a short time?how? what else?
what kind of work is provided in a different country? why? what do you think it comes after this work? why and then what is the third one?
last question: what kind of facilities the multinational company provides to attract employees? and she stopped me in the middle.
just question: If I didn’t respect the time of questions, it would affect my score. for example; I used a lot of simple present, I didn’t pay attention to the tense.
I also didn’t use a complex structure. but I develop my idea very well.


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