Yesterday I took my IELTS exam in Tirana, Albania.Listening and reading part were pretty easy, comparing with what I was expecting. I think there was enough time to make all the questions.
Writing task 1: a line graph illustrating the annual earnings for men, women without children and women with children in a region in the UK. It had too changes in the figures and I spent nearly 30 minutes on this task and still couldn’t finish it. . I wasn’t able to detect the main features to describe in my writing part.
Writing part 2: Young people are the main resource of a country. Still there are some problems they have that are ignored by the people running the country. Show some of these problems and in what ways can the government help to solve them.
Share examples from your own experience. (smth like this, I don’t remember it exactly.)
I wrote an argument essay, treating 2 problems in each body paragraph and giving ways that government could help to solve them, in each paragraph respectively. I wrote about problems that young people face to find job after finishing the university (giving as an example what happens in my country) and about drug and alcohol addiction problems.
I didn’t expand enough my answer,as I had only 30 minutes left.
Anyway…I hope for the best.
Thank you for all your tips and your lessons.


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