Hi !I have done my exam(Listening, Reading, Writing) General Module (IDP) yesterday. 19/03/2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Writing Questions were more like below but, can’t remember them exactly.
Task 1
You have been a member of a foreign sports team and now you have to return back to your mother country. Write a letter to your captain mentioning,
1. You are going to leave.
2. Why you are leaving?
3.What you are expecting to do after leaving?
Task 2
Places with Natural beauty like lakes, beaches etc. are now being polluted by rubbish(garbage).
1. What cause this problem?
2.What are the solution for this?
Dear Atul,
I started the letter(task 1) with “Dear Sir”, but now I feel it is not suitable. What is your opinion?
for task 2 I did the essay in following manner
1. Introduction paragraph
2. paragraph 2- Cause one for accumulating rubbish in those area
3. paragraph 3- Another cause for that
4. conclusion paragraph with possible solutions
Do you think that my structure is ok ?


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