Hi Atul,Thank you for the tips and suggestions. I had great time yesterday and was surprised when the examiner said that the exam has concluded. I had that feeling that I wanna talk more because the questions were very interesting, although the least that I expected. I just want to share the questions during my spaeking test and I hope many candidates will get high marks.
Part1. Random (city life, travel, marine biodiversity and politics)
Part 2
Describe a disagreement that you had with another person. You should say
– who the other person was
– what the disagreement was about
– how you resolved it
– and what the result was.
Part 3
-importance of personal values in decision making and what factors need to be considered before making huge decisions.
– The relevance of “disagreement” in modern society
-disagreement between people who have had political and ideologic agenda.
-influence of media in compounding the rhetorical approach of government leaders in modern society


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  1. Sushant 7 years ago

    Hi, Thanks for sharing. Was it a general Module or Academic module?

  2. sabari 7 years ago

    question asked to me was about robots
    do you like robots??
    what is the peculiarity of robots??
    do you think in the near future, robots replace humans for specialised jobs???
    Describe an app you like
    explain what is it
    how was it helpful for you
    what are the advantages and disadvantages of using apps

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