Hello Atul,I just passed my speaking test an hour ago. I was really nervous before getting in the exam room but once the actual talk started I felt a little better. I think it went alright. I have my written exam tomorrow morning and hope it goes well. I’ve been preparing alone and your blog and videos were super helpful. Thank you for the assistence and keep up the great work!
Here are most of the questions I was asked today:
Date: 02/12/2016
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Module: Academic
Part 1:
1. Do you study or work?
2. Why did you choose this line of work? (and related questions)
3. How often and where do you see advertisements?
4. Do you like or dislike ads on TV?
5. Have you ever bought anything because it was advertised on TV?
6. Do you wear hat or caps?
7. Did you wear any when you were a kid?
8. Do people wear hats/caps because of practical or fashionable reasons?
Part 2:
Describe a situation that made you a little angry.
– what was the situation
– who was there
– when was that
– why did it make you angry
Part 3: (Emotions related questions)
1. Do you think that some people can recognise other people’s emotions?
2. Do you think this is good or bad?
3. What about people who don’t consider the emotions of others?
4. How can that be changed? (I mentioned parents’ and school’s role in teaching children how to be considerate of others’ emotions)
5. How do people get any positive or negative emotions in modern life? (I talked about stressful living at a fast pace and such + our own ability to see things positively)
6. Do positive or negative emotions have any effect on our health?
That’s all I can remember.
I was also wondering about something that occured during Part 2 of the talk. I knew it’s fine if you stop talking between the 1st and the 2nd minute and since I speak very fast I guess I was done pretty quickly (it must’ve been more than a minute) … so the examer made a jesture to continue talking and I’m not sure if I didn’t repeat myself a little. Do you think this will have a huge effect on the score as a whole?
Thank you in advance and once again – your help is greatly appreciated!
Wish me luck tomorrow and good luck to the rest of you on the “Road to IELTS”


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