Dear Atul,I would like to thank you for all your help. Your website was cedy helpful,so hopefully I will get my expected band !!
I just finished my IELTS exams :
Module: General Training
Place, date: Skopje, Macedonia, 24.09.2016
Reading: Section 4 was about a topic regarding indian tea ” chai”, when it was invented, reaseaech, market , so we had to choose True, False, NotGiven, after that, answering a lot of questions regarding the topic, than choosing A-E answers related to section 4. This one was the hardest, other sectiona I can not remember right now.
Writing: Task 1: you had a problem at the airport, and one of their employees was very helpful to you. You decide to write to airport manager: you should say: what the situation was, how did the employee helped you, what do you ask the manager to do
Task 2: most of the adults are playing computer games. Why are they playing, do you agree or not. Describe any relevant situation you know regarding the topic
do you work or study
Why did you chose to work there
Do you enjoy holidays
How long do you think holidays should last
Cue card: describe a building you like or dislike
Is challenging the architecture job
Do you think architects should first look at the city and after decide to build something
And some other questions regarding the architecture and buildings
My best regards.


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