I had an IELTS exam on 29 April. Writing:
1- Your friend plans a visit to you next months but you will not be at your home and you want to apologize for him
– apologize
– tell him why you will not be at home
– suggest any other plans.
2- Some people say it is better to involve students on how to run their schools. Do you agree or disagree?
Nice questions
Do you live in house or apartment?
Describe the apartment you live in?
What’s your favorite color?
Which color you don’t like to use for decorating your room?
Which color is popular among your friends?
Do you like reading?
Did your readings change over the time?
Do you usually read on electronic devices or paper books?
Have you rad a book more than one time?
Normal questions
describe a time when you laughed a lot
– where?
– with whom?
– what made you laugh?
– why do you still remember?
It was a very silly question and I could not remember any meaningful situation that I can tell a story about. I ended up telling a very absurd short situation and I stopped talking 2 or 3 times before the time is over, but she was making a sign with her hand to tell me to keep on, so I was trying to say any other thing I remember about the story.
general questions about laughing and sense of humor. It was the best part of the exam as the questions were smart and opening productive discussion
Do you laugh a lot?
Why do you think that comedy shows dominates the TV shows recently?
Do you think that reading comedy is better than watching it?
Is using comedy good for advertisement?
Is using sense of humor good for learning languages?
Can jokes be easily translated from a language to another?


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