Hi Atul,Date: 10th September, 2016
Country: Sri Lanka @ ACBT
Module: GT
Task 1:
You bought a something from a supermarket. After you came home, you reaAtule that item was damaged. Then you go back to the supermarket and sales person was unhelpful to you.
Write to the supermarket manager,
1. What is the item?
2. What incident happened?
3. What you tell to manager to do?
Task 2:
Many countries, spend the money to train the individuals to participate the International sporting events. Some people say that that money should spend to public development instead.
Do you agree or disagree?
Part 1:
-your home town.
-Do you prefer to live home or apartment?
-Tell me something about your house?
-What can you see through your windows in house?
-Do you prefer to write by hand or using computer? What is the difference?
-Do you read e-books?
Part 2:
A country you like to work for a short period of time.
1. What is the country
2. What are the reasons?
3. —–
3rd part:
-Do your friends like to go that country?
-Do you like to work international company? why?
-Do companies give preference to more practical knowledge than theoretical? What you think? what should more important?


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