August 19, PhilippinesPt 1 Home what do you like about your home, what changes would you like to have, what do you usually do during the night, what you dont like to do during the night
Music = what kind of music do you listen to, dontou still listen to the same music now compared to when you were a child?
Pt2 about a person who apoligized to you
Pt 3 should a person say he’s sorry in words or show it in actions?
Is the modern society becoming selfish nowadays?
Why are there selfish persons? Do you think it can be unlearned?
What do you think about the view where indivuals put themselves first rather than the society? Is that the same when it comes to relationships?
I was not able to answer my examiner’s last questionbecause he already cut me off. I wonder if that will affect my score…


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