Hi AtulI had my speaking test today… Thank you I went through all your lessons and prepared myself for IELTS.
Exam – GT
Place – Bahrain
Part 1 – Related to yourself
1. Did you read books when you were a child?
2. Who do you think you are mostly like in your family?
2. Where do you live in an apartment or a house?
3. What does it look like?
4. What do you see around when you look through the window?
Part 2
Describe a gift that you gave recently to someone
1. Who you gave it to
2. Why you gave it
3. How did you feel about it
Part 3
1. Do you give gifts in your country?
2. What kind of gifts do you think is suitable to give for children? (Based on my answer I think she posed the next question)
3. Do you think that gifts for children should always be educational?
4. Who do you think likes to receive gifts adults or children?
This is what I could remember…. I’m worried whether I would get a band score of 7 I know 8 is impossible….
I was being chatty but corrected myself several times as I was a little nervous. I kept on talking though at length and used good vocabulary. At one time she stopped me and asked my opinion to the question while I was explaining about the answer to Part 3 Q2
However my test finished quite early 10 mins. to be exact.
I am worried over my band score…
Tomorrow is my listening, reading and writing test…. again had been practicing for more that 2 weeks with all past papers and from the lessons on your website…..
Many many thanks once again Atul ????


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