Location: Sharjah, UAEModule: GT
19th May 2016
Thanks Atul for the wonderful website. Lately but I got useful tips and practice materials.
I have tried my best to post most of the
If you have similar let me know.
I hope for better result.
swimmimg courses
Theme park
Reading habit survey
National parks (to find there features)
Visual display unit (computer moniter)- uses/bebefits/health problem
Birds flight(role of weight/tail/body features) – to identify topics for paragraphs
task1- Your friend is moving to your town next month, write a letter to your friend recommending a sports center in your town.
Write how you know about it
suggest what he can do there
Write why it is good for him
in most countries, young people live away from parents until marriage, this trend is growing day by day.
Do you think it has more advantages or more disadvantages?
General questions
describe transport facilities of your ared
cue card
describe a situation that made you angry
when and where
who made you angry
what should have been done
Other questions
How do you feel when you look at flower?
Have you ever grown flower?
When was the last time have you given flower to someone?
Do people give flower to others in your culture?
are people naturally born with positivity?
What impact positivity/negativity can make when you behave with other
how can we make our children with positive manner?


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