Hi Atul,I had my exam (academic) today in melbourne, australia.
Task1- percentage about people living in australia fron 1976- 2011 whoe were born in asia, the u.k and ireland and outside australia
Task 2- research studies show that overeating is equally harmful to people’s health as smoking. Therefore, the advertisements of certain food products should be banned similar to cigarettes. To what extent do you agree?
I wrote that I disagree with this opinion and believe that other measures- imposing tax on these food products and educating young children about detrimental effects of overconsumption of junk food are more effective approaches.
Please suggest if these ideas are relevant. I am aiming for 7 in writing.
Part1- where you live
Public transport
Part2 – something you shared.
I stopped in this section about 10 seconds before 2 minutes. I am really tensed if this would affect my score as in the past, I spoke in the same manner ( i mean vocab, fluency, grammar and pronunciation) and scored 8.5. I am aiming for atleast 8 in speaking.
Sharing accomodation
Sharing ideas
Working in team or individually
Thanks Atul for thewonderful blog.


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