Location: Lagos, NigeriaWriting task 1:
Write a letter to your friend who intends to visit next month telling him/her you will not be available.
1. Apologise.
2. Explain why you will not be available
3. Make alternative arrangements.
Writing task 2:
Some people think that schools are more effective if students are allowed to participate in running the school.
1. State whether you agree or disagree.
2. Give reasons for your answer using personal experience or other examples.
Listening test:
1. Phone conversation about relocating to Sydney. (fill in the gap). work phone, her son was almost 3, they wanted to live by the park, they wanted to spend not more than $650, also about booking a hotel.
2. Short talk on a museum tour about paintings. (fill in the gap). Two initial paintings: Queen EAtulabeth and I one other.
3. Identify paintings on the museum wall. (multiple choice)
4. Greg and Irvine discussing a recent role play project,
its objectives, what they learnt and recommendations. (multiple choice).
5. Short talk about hunting some strange animal whose skin was used to make clothes. (fill in the gap).
1. Short comprehension about public transportation (fill in the gap style). (free complimentary map, 2 new stores recently opened, people preferred face-to-face feedback etc.
2. There were different newspaper adverts which required us to identify specific content within each publication. (examples of the adverts include: starting a new company, getting a job, learning creative writing, hands-on training, weekend training etc.).
3. Passage about job coaching which covered the minimum requirements for entry (numeracy skills), how performance will be recorded (action plan), how attendance and absence will be indicated (time sheets), performance review, number of reviews to be undertaken after the coaching (minimum of 3), the fact that there was no guarantee that the candidates will get a permanent job etc.
3. Passage about early ship Navigation using a compass and how the process evolved (Pole Star, observation, experience etc). The input of Chinese, Portuguese and English men. Identify appropriate headings for each paragraph (29 – 34). True or false questions (35-40)


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