I sit for IELTS GT Speaking Test today (24-May-17) at Karachi. Will be sitting for LRW test tomorrow May 25th.Part 1:
What’s your full name?
What is your hometown?
Do you like your hometown? why?
Would you like to stay in your hometown in future as well?
Is it better to have few best friends or too many friends? why?
Do you like comfortable shoes or fancy shoes? why?
Why you ever purchased shoes online? Would you purchase online in future? why?
Do you get along with your friends? How?
Part 2:
Cue card was about a book you have read
When did i read it.
what was it about
would i read this book again in future
why and what did i like in it.
Part 3:
It was all about books and literature.
Does studying literature helps nation? How?
Do you think there has been a change recently in the way people read literature? (It was something like that) and Why?
Do parents still read stories to their children at bed-time? Why?
What kind of literature do children in your countries read? (I choose to talk about comic books)
Has there been a significant difference in the way children read books or take interest into literature?
AND two or three more related questions which i don’t remember.
Here is how my experience was:
Had a car accident when i was just 2 km away from exam center. Luckily no injuries. I quickly rushed to exam center in panic and i after security checks, i was called within 2 minutes for the test. I didn’t let this situation get over me and answered calmly but i lacked fluency a bit. I made sure that i use a few uncommon vocabulary but also made some minor mistakes throughout. Really hoping for Band 7.
Part 2: The examiner stopped me hardly after one minute and until then i had covered all cue card points except one (reading the book again). She interrupted and quickly asked me would i read this book again and i answered. I hope that wouldn’t be an issue.
Part 1 and 3: I answered all questions in 2 to 4 sentences depending on the nature of question. I believe i performed the best in Part 3.
The time passed so quickly that i didn’t even realize when examiner said “This is the end of Speaking test.” Overall i think the test lasted even less than 10 minutes or probably it’s just my feeling as it was done so fast.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


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