Type: AcademicDate: 25th of February 2017
Location: Italy
The listening was a bit harder than expected. I trained myself on the IELTS 10 and 11 textbooks but I genuinely think the listening has become a little harder than that.
1. It was about an ancient roman building found in the UK.
2. About the problems of the seasons changing their characteristics in different parts of the world and also how, over history, seasons have been measured and their arrival forecasted by using different methods.
3. About the cognitive aspects in decision-making.
Task 1. A bar graph about the access of Australian houses to computers, internet and broadband internet from 1998 to 2008.
Task 2.
It was something like this:
Some believe that a few people having really high salaries might be a positive thing, while others think that the government should put a limit on them.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.
I think that the overall structure of my essay has turned out pretty well, but I’m also afraid that, having not written precisely about the income limit, but more in general about what the government could do and how income disparities have detrimental effects on society, could cost me some marks (this was just in one of the two body paragraphs I wrote though)
On the other hand, I think I expressed well the ideas in the other body paragraph about the positive side.
I clearly gave my opinion in the introduction (in which I also think I did a good paraphrasing of the essay statement) and correctly wrote the conclusions.


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