Part 1 – classical event
Part 2 – about industrial, company, direction to room (map)
Part 3 – development of bicycle
Part 1 – New Zealand Wood Export – Forestry
Part 2 – (I’m sorry, I forgot about this)
Part 3 – Sherlock Holmes History
WT 1 – 3 Pie charts, working hours by employees and managers, also the total working in general with further information about the number of employees and managers population.
WT 2 – Developing countries, to help education in rural areas, the government provides schools and teacher, while the other thinks that providing internets and computers are more important. Opinion, and discuss both views
Topic 1 – Bus vs Taxi
Topic 2 – Have someone ever give / buying you clothes?
Topic 3 – Clothes, Uniform ( Adv and Disadv), In what time people in your country wear the uniforms or special clothes.
I’m so sorry that I can’t remember the exact part of each question. I don’t know, I have a lack of memory.
Anyway, Atul, I forgot in reading part to write True with T , No with N, and Not Given with NG. I don’t have much time to check my answer again since my reading part so damn hard with a lot of unfamiliar vocab
Will I loose mark? I’ve heard that it won’t give an effect. I’m not sure that I’m writing the full words or not. I’m just worried so much
Lastly, thank you so much for your videos. Just follow your instruction and it helps me a lot especially in writing test.


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