Hi everybody!Academic Speaking Test (29.03.2016), Turkey
1) Full name
2) Work or Study?
3) Why did you choose your course?
4) Expectations about the course
5) How often do you go to the parks?
6) When you were a child, how did you play in the park?
Part-2 :
Describe a sport that you would do for the first time
1) Describe it. ( I don’t remember very well :/ )
2) Where would you learn it?
3) Easy or difficult to learn?
1)The most popular sport in your country?
2)The other popular sport in your country?
3) Is the sport necessary for children?
4) How could we teach children to do sports?
3)For children , individual sport or team sport?


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  1. Osman siba 7 years ago

    i faith want to study with you…more

  2. Author
    IELTS Online Practice 7 years ago

    Hi Osman,
    You can start right away by signing up for the free course.
    If you need feedback simply subscribe to the paid correction packages.

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