Hi Atul, My test date: Jan 21 2017
Location: BC Hanoi, Vietnam
My speaking test was:
* Part 1
– House/Apartment
+ Do you live in a house or an apartment?
+ What does your house look like?
+ What can you see from the windows?
– Chocolate
+ Do you like chocolate?
+ Why chocolate is so popular around the world?
+ Did you like chocolate when you were a child?
– Family
+ Do you spend much time with your family?
+ In your family, who looks like you the most? (Why?)
+ Is family important in your country?
* Part 2: Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination
what the situation was
what difficulties were
why you needed to use imagination
And explain how you felt about it
* Part 3
Children + imagination
– When do children have to use their imagination?
– What is the differences between children use imagination nowadays and those in the past?
– Do children use much of their imagination nowadays?
– How can teachers encourage their students to be more creative?
– Which one needs more imagination, reading a book or watching cartoons?
Job + imagination
– Which jobs need imagination ?
– Do you think in the future, jobs will require more imagination?
Nowadays, young people spend a lot of their free time in the shopping malls. This could have negative effects on them and the society.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
I have a few questions.
For the writing, can I say that it could have both negative and positive impacts? I mean, at first, when I read the question, i thought it was easy to plan the ideas. And then when wrote, i reaAtuled it was quite difficult to have good vocabs for this topic.
For the speaking, in part 3, i think that i was asked too many questions than it should be. Is that okay? Does it means my answers were too short or something?


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